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Turan Group is  the premier supplier of trusted expertise to the oil and gas industry. We have accomplished this through our relentless focus on our Seller’s objective, and by working diligently to achieve the goals of Qualified Buyers. We fully understand the capabilities of our Sellers and Trade Partners, and can quickly and efficiently match those capabilities against the needs of any Buyer.  We employ only the best in the market, and each member of our team is committed to providing an unbiased perspective to help our customers monitor market movements, value commodities, recognize opportunities, mitigate risk, and plan with greater confidence.  The markets are constantly changing, but our real-time newsmarket reports, analytics, price assessments and fundamental data always provide a valuable reference point. We’re constantly investing in our products and services. We’ve enhanced our forecasts, data sets and tools, and now provide the most robust analytics offering available to ensure our customers can maximize value in their chosen markets. We work closely with Qualified Buyers as well as Seller and their signatory Mandates worldwide who meet the financial criteria required to transact petroleum products. We also provide a platform for our customers to exchange ideas and make valuable connections. 
 – React faster with real-time data and timely analysis compiled by our local and global analysts
– See a detailed and integrated view of supply and demand fundamentals
– Gain insights into market changes in crude oil and refined products along the value chain 

Our Products​

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Specialty Chemicals

Speciality chemicals are materials used on the basis of their performance or function. Consequently, in addition to “effect” chemicals they are sometimes referred to as “performance” chemicals or “formulation” chemicals..

Crude Oil, Derivatives & Petrochemicals

Oil Derivatives and Petroleum products are useful materials derived from crude oil (petroleum) as it is processed in oil refineries. Unlike petrochemicals, which are a collection of well-defined usually pure chemical compounds, petroleum products are complex mixtures.

Industrial & Scientific Equipment

Industrial Equipment is equipment used for manufacturing various products. Scientific Equipment means equipment intended for the sole purpose of scientific research or teaching, and in particular models, instruments, apparatus and machines.

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Our Contributions​

Industries We Serve!​

Aerospace & Defense

Supply & production of advanced materials, metals, metal alloys, spare parts, circuits, electronic parts, military devices & etc.

Oil, Gas, Derivatives & Petrochemicals

Supply of Crude oil, heavy and light distillates, petrochemicals, polymers, lubricants additives & etc.

Science, Research & Development

Supply & production of various equipment and instruments for scientific research, development, quality testing & etc.

Food, Agriculture & Pharma

Supply & production of foods, food supplements and additives, fertilizers, agrochemicals, APIs, pharmaceuticals & etc.

Automotive & Manufacturing

Supply of auto parts, electronic circuits, dyes, raw and composite materials for manufacturing processes.

Renewable Energy & Mining

Supply & production of chemicals, equipment, various machinery and spare parts for renewable energy and mining industry.

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